It makes me sad to acknowledge it has been over a year since I have updated this site. To those who have continued to follow and await more posts – my sincere apologies. I have been absent due to several complicated issues, including dislocation and illness. 

In fact, I have a few half-written posts that I have yet to publish, and photos from my trip to Scotland to upload. I will do my best to get to these soon. 

I have been considering broadening the scope of this blog to incorporate other related subjects such as practical and theoretical polytheism, issues surrounding syncretism, Gaelic inspired folk magic and general thoughts on religious experience. 

While this blog was founded initially to share research and experience regarding Bride herself, due to the limited nature of sources I often feel restricted as to what I can legitimately post. Likewise, my personal experiences are often too private to share here.

Alternatively I could start a secondary blog for mixed musings, and leave this one solely devoted to Bride. Any opinions or comments are appreciated.