I do not personally speak any of the Gaelic languages, although my ambition is to learn Gàidhlig when time permits.

Please find here a glossary of Bride related terms in Scots and Irish Gaelic that may help in researching the traditions surrounding her.  I make no claims to the accuracy of any of these, but list my sources below.

bearnan Bride – Dandelion ‘the little notched Bride’

bigein Bride – Linnet ‘bird of Bride’

Brideog, Brideag, dealbh Bride – Little Bride, a doll representing Bride.

brot Bride – Corslet of Bride

cris Bride,  crios Bride – Bride’s belt or girdle

cros Bride, crosóg Bride, bogha Bride – Bride’s cross

Feill na Bride, La Feill Bride – Feast of Bride, St Bride’s Day (February 1st/2nd or 13th/14th according to the old calendar)

gille Bride, Bridein – Oyster-catcher ‘page of Bride’

leaba Bride – The bed of Bride

lorg Bride – Staff of Bride

lorig Bride, Brat Bride – Mantle of Bride

ora Bride – Prayer of Bride

reul-iuil Bride – The Guiding Star of Bride

rionnag Brideog – The star of little Bride

slatag Bride, slachdan Bride, barrag Bride – names for Bride’s white wand/staff

Sources: Carmina Gadelica, Brigid’s Cross, A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language by Norman MacLeod, Mythic Ireland by Michael Dames